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The word ‘authentic’ alone is not sufficient to represent something as the word has lost it’s value just because of the increased duplicacy. That’s why we have used ‘100% Authentic’. Grey market sellers, in the name of authenticity sell fake supplements with an only intention to make higher profits. These fake supplements effect your health and pocket and sometimes even become life threatening.

Nutriara sell genuine supplements at very reasonable prices and aims to deliver what you deserve, what you have paid for. At Nutriara you get GST invoice everytime you purchase a product from our website, that most of the shop sellers do not provide to the customers. GST invoice ensures that the company or brand is registered and is working according to government laws and regulations. Also at Nutriara you get the products at very reasonable prices in the market.

What makes us different:

  • Nutriara is “100% authentic online supplement store”
  • Nutriara has stared with an initiative to reduce the supplements duplicacy.
  • Single website to buy multiple brand supplements
  • Briefly explained information on every product page
  • Very reasonable prices of products
  • Freebies on every purchase
  • Monthly deals and discount offers
  • Fast and free delivery on various products

Note :

  • Products on this website are not intended to treat or cure any disease. Please consult your doctor/ dietician  before buying.
  • You must be over 18 in order to buy and use products available on this website.
  • Product images may vary from the actual product, as the product packing and label keep on changing time to time. Product images on our website may take time to be updated. However the products you receive will be the latest version.