Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer (Imported Variant, 6lb)

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  • Labrada muscle mass gainer is a high-calorie bodybuilding shake fortified with muscle building protein, carbohydrates, creatine monohydrate and essential nutrients
  • Muscle mass gainer makes it easy for you to get lots of calories along with the highest quality muscle-building protein, so you can gain weight fast
  • Labrada Muscle mass gainer makes a delicious shake containing a highly- concentrated 1930 calories and 84 grams of protein when mixed with 32oz of whole milk!
  • Muscle mass gainer makes a real powerhouse of a shake that’s sure to help them pack on new body weight, Contains no dextrose, sucrose or corn syrup solids

Labrada MUSCLE MASS GAINER was created by Labrada Research and Development team to help you gain muscle weight fast. Muscle Mass Gainer is perfect for “hard gainers,” — those are the athletes who find it hard, or next to impossible, to gain weight. Muscle Mass Gainer is perfect for young athletes and hard gainers who want to increase their caloric and protein intake to gain weight fast!

From the manufacturer

Muscle Mass Gainer is a delicious, high-calorie shake fortified with muscle-building protein, carbohydrates, creatine monohydrate, and essential nutrients. If you typically struggle to add size to your frame, Muscle Mass Gainer can help you quickly get the gains you want. It contains all the calories you need with just the right ingredient blend — to keep you in a continual muscle-building state.

Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer:

  • Provides all-in-one muscle-building support with high-quality protein, carbs, creatine, and more.
  • Is perfect for “hard-gainers” — people who struggle to build muscle or break through plateaus.
  • Provides 17g of BCAAs — to aid in muscle growth, repair, and recovery.
  • Works as a meal or post-workout drink — whenever you need delicious, high-calorie nutrition.
  • Contains no dextrose, sucrose or corn syrup solids.

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Labrada Texas, USA, Tirupati Wellness Himachal Pradesh India, Vital Neutraceuticals Maharashtra India


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3 reviews for Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer (Imported Variant, 6lb)

  1. Shobhit

    However it’s costlier than Indian variant but really the result of imported variant are better than Indian variant.


    Best gainer for muscle gain

  3. Prateek

    Product was genuine but price is but high. However, for international variant it can be considerable for quality.

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