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Muscleblaze Iso Zero Low Carb Isolate Protein (Chococlate, 4.4lb)


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  • MuscleBlaze Iso Zero has the most impeccable protein profile, and is powered by Zero Carbs, Zero Lactose, Zero Cholestrol delivering the purest fuel there is to grow strong muscles
  • MuscleBlaze Iso Zero is fat free and delivers 30g of protein per 35g serving, sourced only from Whey Protein Isolate, helping with lean muscle gains
  • Each serving of Iso Zero contains 14.15g of EAA(s) and 6.64g of naturally occurring BCAA(s) to maintain muscle mass.
  • It provides 5.28g of Glutamic Acid per serving which helps fasten recovery post workout.
  • This Lactose-free protein supplement is available in delectable strawberry flavor to treat your taste buds


MuscleBlaze Iso Zero – Redefining the Power of Zero

MuscleBlaze brings the Iso Zero with the revolutionary power of Zero! This protein supplement from the house of MuscleBlaze is made using high-quality Whey Protein Isolate only to ensure faster absorption of protein in the body. Crafted with the power of Zero, this protein supplement contains Zero Carbs, Zero Added Sugar, and Zero Cholesterol, Zero Trans Fats and is Fat free. It fuels your body with nothing but the pure protein that is vital for you to gain lean muscle mass. Each serving (35g) of MuscleBlaze Iso Zero fuels your muscles with 30g of protein which reaches your muscles fast and kickstart the muscle synthesis.

If you are about to start your lean muscle mass journey, for better results a great workout routine should be coupled with the right nutrients. One of the preferred supplements among advanced athletes and bodybuilders is MuscleBlaze Iso Zero. It is a protein isolate supplement that is effective in gaining volume and helps you only gain lean muscles.

Iso Zero – Powers your Lean Mass Gain

Followed by intense workouts, fueling your muscles with a fast absorbing protein helps your muscles to recover faster and prepare them for a bigger hustle the next day. This high-quality protein is crafted to provide 30g of pure whey protein isolate per serving. It also has rich amino acids profile as each 35g consists of 14.15g of essential amino acids and 6.64g of branched chain amino acids which prevent the muscle loss and enhance the recovery of muscles after heavy-duty workouts.

Iso Zero delivers the cleanest fuel to the body. It contains zero carbs, zero cholesterol, zero fat, zero lactose and is free from aspartame and any unwanted or banned substance. You get 30 grams of Isolate protein per serving (35g). This supplement contains the best mix of naturally occurring Glutamic acid, BCCAs and EAAs to help in muscle growth and recovery process.

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Twilight Litaka Pharma Himachal Pradesh India


Chocolate, Strawberry, Dutch Vanilla



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