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insane labz nutriaraIn 2014, a new manufacturing facility was built in Harrison, Arkansas and we started making our own products – adhering to the strictest quality standards in an FDA registered, cGMP Certified facility. We make what we believe are the best products in the industry. If, once you’ve tried it, you don’t agree

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    • Insane Labz Insane Whey promotes lean muscles gains with a full dose of 25g of protein.
    • With a naturally occurring BCAA amino profile, Insane Whey will boost your recovery time as well.
    • Insane Whey has the best mixability of any protein on the market.
    • All Insane Labz products are made at their cGMP facility at the highest standards.
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    • Insane Labz Psychotic is loaded with several high-octane ingredients that have been shown to provide a number of fitness benefits including increased energy, greater strength output, and amped-up endurance
    • Psychotic is also considered a nootropic supplement as it promotes cognitive performance and function
    • With ingredients such as huperzine a, you will notice an immediate boost in your reaction time and overall alertness