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Ultimate Nutrition BCAA Powder (60 Servings)


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  • Ultimate Nutrition BCAA helps burn those stubborn calories without interfearing with the muscle-building process
  • Aids in improvement of protein synthesis and helps improve workout intensity
  • Ultimate Nutrition BCAA contains essential amino acids, thus strengthening the body and preventing muscle loss.
  • Aids in muscle recovery post intense workouts
  • The above benefits make Ultimate Nutrition BCAA an effective supplement for athletes and people doing high intensity workouts.
  • NOTE: The Supplement is completely safe for consumption, it’s just the ingredients are hygroscopic in nature and may form lumps.


Ultimate Nutrition BCAA

Your sore muscles and back pain testifies the severe grind at the gym that your body went through. The reason is not just the workouts but also a lack of proper nutrition that can prepare for the game. Ultimate Nutrition BCAA Powder is a multi-talented supplement suiting the needs of pre and post workout regimen. Ultimate Nutrition is a force to reckon with in the supplement business and you would not enough of this product as well. Available in an array of flavours, BCAA Powder boosts endurance and keeps fatigue at bay. The BCAA 12000 amino acids present in the powder aids in muscle recovery after a strenuous bodybuilding session. The best part is that you can add few scoops of this BCAA Powder in your pre-workout supplement to get that extra dose of protein. According to experts, supplements with BCAAs can relax the brain post workout by hindering the extra generation of tryptophan.


Nothing can go wrong when you pick up a trusted brand and Ultimate Nutrition is here to stay. The BCAA Powder, contains some of the most high-impacting ingredients that directly target central nervous system and aims to offer muscle recovery in the shortest possible time. Each scoopful of the supplement delivers 300 mg of L-Leucine, 1,500 mg of L-Valine, and 1,500 mg of L-Isoleucine. All these 3 major ingredients are branched chain amino acids, which acts as an energy powerhouse for the muscles and further aids in tissue recovery and injury prevention. Speaking of BCCAs, these amino acids together also signals the brain that adequate amount of these are now available to the body and a successful protein synthesis can now take place.

Ultimate Nutrition BCCA Powder is a low calorie drink with a very low dose of carbohydrates, no sugar, and fat traces. The supplement, owing to a high amino acid content, pose as a suitable pre and post workout formula for both men and women.  Some of the popular flavours available are Orange and Lemon; however, there is a wide array offered.


All the major ingredients have already been mentioned above. Some of the other ingredients that support the entire purpose are:

Waxy Maize, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, and FD&C Red#40.


Mix 1 scoop of BCCA Powder in about 350 ml of cold water and drink the mixture few minutes before training and right after you finish the workout. Do not exceed the recommended servings per day.

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Ultimate Nutrition

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